Culture trip - 12/04/2017

Vive la poésie! New and talented poets are emerging from all over France everyday. This isn’t hard to imagine; the French capital Paris is known as one of the most inspiring places for writers and artists in the world. Here is a comprehensive list of 10 poets we think you should be looking out for.


Samantha Barendson

Samantha Barendson is a trilingual poet who lives in Lyon. Barendson is part of a collective of poets called ‘Le syndicat des poètes qui vont mourir un jour’, or The Union of Poets Who Will Die One Day. The goals of this union are to promote spoken poetry, and to make it accessible to all. In 2015, Barendson was awarded the René Leynaud Prize for her novel Le citronnier. The novel is an intimate look at Barendson’s search for her own father, who died when she was just two years old. Barendson describes writing the novel as ‘seeking to fill the empty pages, sudden questions, vague reminiscences, and daydreams’ of her father. The poet enjoys working alongside other poets, painters, illustrators, and photographers, thus explaining her involvement with The Union of Poets. She is also well-known in the poetry community as giving herself completely over to her art when she performs her poetry as spoken word. If you get the chance, we recommend seeing Barendson read her works aloud.


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